Cheap car insurance - is it real using telematics

We have to start off with the reality that there's no "one black box fits all sizes" rule for drivers. Yes, these are clever pieces of kit that do measure some of the aspects of how well we drive. For example, it remembers how fast we drive (not always a good thing), how quickly we accelerate, how sharply we brake, and whether the car leans over alarmingly when we go round bends. Now let's come to the reality of everyday driving. Are you really going to hold to the 40 speed limit on an empty section of dual carriageway? Are you able to avoid creeping over 70 on a motorway? This takes superhuman powers.

Then have you ever found yourself in the wrong lane and, with that left turn coming up fast, you need to push past the car inside you, then corner tightly? Or has there ever been an emergency with Moggy Dog managing to eat half your rubber duck before you could intervene? That drive to the vets was like you see in The Fast and the Furious, but it saved Moggy Dog's life and there were no cameras to catch you, so it was alright. Except none of these routine driving events are understood by the dumb black box in the back. You can't lean over and whisper Moggy Dog's name in its shell-like before you start driving. All the box knows is you broke the speed limit and were a hazard to every other car on the road. Ah, and that's another thing. The stupid box has no idea whether there are any other vehicles on the road. You could be driving with absolute safety given the road conditions, but the box would tell your insurer you were a menace to navigation and your car insurance premium rate would explode through the ceiling.

So here comes the hard truth. If you drive like an ordinary human being, the chances you retaining cheap car insurance are poor to zero. Even if you drive like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof, what seems safe to you may not seem safe to the box. The only way to guarantee cheap car insurance is not to drive when it's dark and only maintain the speed favoured by the Popemobile when carrying His Holiness to prayer.